What we do

The Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is a blueprint for change with broad policy prescriptions and specific project proposals. Important themes include:

  • The Environment in general and harbour pollution in particular.
  • Resisting unsuitable development
  • Health and welfare services
  • Mitigating the harmful impacts of excessive traffic through the town
  • Sports and leisure facilities for young people
  • Ensuring that the town retains its special qualities and economic vigour
  • Providing sufficient affordable housing to meet local needs

There are few quick fixes to such big issues, but progress can be made with patient campaigning and incremental steps provided a strong strategic focus is retained.

Following the approval of the NP in 2021, an Infrastructure Panel was set up, through which the Forum and Havant Borough Council can work together to ensure that Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds are allocated to address the infrastructure needs of Emsworth.  The Forum maintains a list of priority infrastructure projects supported by the local community.