Summary of the policy

Who we support

We will support charities or other voluntary organisations that contribute to and enhance the community in Emsworth, and further our priorities.

What we support

The purpose of our grants is to fund projects, new developments, or equipment that enable the recipient to make a demonstrable difference to their contribution to the community.

What we do not support

  • Individuals
  • Proposals that should be funded by statutory bodies
  • Contributions to general funds
  • Proposals that require an ongoing commitment for funding.


Applications should be made on this form which when completed should be sent to Dwynwen Stepien at The applicant may be asked for further information.

The application will be considered by members of the ERF committee at their next meeting. They will take into account the merits of the application, how it furthers our aims, and the availability of funds. Their decision will be minuted, and conveyed to the applicant

If there is good reason why the application needs to be considered before the next meeting it will be sent to all members of the committee for their decision.


If the grant is agreed by the committee the applicant will give the ERF treasurer their bank details so that the grant can be passed to them to manage.

The applicant will have been asked for the date at which the project is expected to  be completed, and will be asked to make a report on the project at that time.

Any money that has not been spent on the purposes of the grant will be expected to be returned to the ERF.


The ERF may wish to publicise the grants they have given in The Ems and in their reports, and it is a condition of receiving a grant that applicants cooperate with this,  but ERF will not publicise any personal or sensitive information if asked not to do so.

Applicants may also be asked to present their project at a public meeting of the ERF.