What we do

Working groups

Committee time is kept to a minimum, with most of the effort from volunteers going into working groups which concentrate on specific functions or project activities.  There are currently four groups, whose activities are summarised below.

Neighbourhood Planning – one of the core functions of the ERF, tasked with:

  • Curating the neighbourhood plan
  • Acting as statutory consultee for planning applications
  • Managing the relationship with Havant Borough Council over planning and development matters
  • Influencing the distribution of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and similar funds via the Emsworth Infrastructure Panel.

Communications – keeping everyone in Emsworth informed of what’s going on through:

  • Providing support to the editor and publishing the EMS
  • Circulating newsletters to members
  • Contributing to social media
  • Maintaining a lively and informative website.

 ‘Emsworth Together’ – bringing residents with common interests together by:

  • Building participation – through recruitment of members and volunteers and widening inclusiveness
  • Liaising with and supporting other community organisations and institutions
  • Hosting public meetings and themed events to share ideas and set priorities
  • Developing opportunities for volunteering.


Young people – focussing on people aged 11–16, and aiming to

  • Allow young people to contribute their own ideas of what they want us to develop
  • Provide more opportunities for them to engage in meaningful activities, including becoming involved in environmental projects
  • Draw attention to the need for places where young people can meet and socialise.